2 Most Important Questions in a Job Interview

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2 Most Important Questions in a Job Interview

2 Most Important Questions in a Job Interview

idBos.comBoss Time! 2 Most Important Questions in a Job Interview. Are you on your way to your job interview and you’re already sweating from the nerves? Don’t you stop studying your CV before the interview? Don’t waste your time and focus on the 2 most important questions that will make you.

Questions in a Job Interview

As the time approaches you’re getting more nervous and you start to doubt whether it’s a good idea to go or not. What will they ask you?, will they be very “rude” or not so much? This time we want to suggest two very simple questions in which you can think to relax, prepare and know what to say at all times of the interview.

Why are you there? Or in other words, “Tell me about yourself.” All work interviews structured or not, formal or informal, panel, video, type assessment, which you want, has as main objective that the person who is interviewing you know your professional experience, your past, your successes, your Failures, your work, your projects and sometimes even your personal life!

Normally we are all prepared to answer those questions, but what happens if they ask you in the interview “Why are you here?” And that’s not the same thing as a “why” than an “why”.

A so he tries to describe the reason behind that that would be basically “to work there.”

Instead why it involves deeper data or a little more introspective work.

Think really before you go, why are you going?, why do you want to work there?, why do you call your attention that company and not another?, why are you interested?, why do you think you’re better than another candidate?

You need to prove through your answer that you not only know the company and its mission, but that your experience and your profile in general will bring to that company an additional value through your hiring.

Why shouldn’t they hire you? Most human resource recruiters are asking this question from the moment you cross the door of your office. They try to analyze you and “scan” you trying to see your weak points that would lead them to think that you are not a “contractable” candidate.

Some prefer to ask it directly to the candidate “Why shouldn’t I hire you?” (or also in its positive version: “Why should I hire you?”). This is a question that invites you in an honest, authentic, humble and careful way to expose what are those traits of your personality that might not fit into the work culture of that company. Another kind of question that tries to look the same is the classic “What are your weaknesses?”, however, some candidates seem to have already brought a memorized answer to answer this.

Remember that in the eyes of a recruiter, you are seen as a risk. Each of the hirings that are made is a risk to the companies. Surely already passed some psychometric evaluations, anyway the interviewer must ensure the size of the risk that will be running with you to recommend or to move to the next phase of the interview. With this in mind think about how you can help the recruiter get to know you as much as possible in that half hour (or sometimes more) of the job interview.

How can you help him? Try that through the interview you can see the following in you:

  • That you are a candidate capable of doing the job and delivering impeccable results always.
  • That you are a candidate who will adapt and will be an added value for the team.
  • That you are a candidate who has a combination of skills and experience that makes you unique.
  • That through your hiring you will not be wrong, but you will always see that you were an excellent selection.

This will allow you to value that you are a valuable element and you will have more opportunities to be hired. Luck!


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