Choose the Path To Independence, How To Be a Freelancer

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Choose the Path To Independence, How To Be a Freelancer

Choose the Path To Independence, How To Be a Freelancer

idBos.comBoss Time! Choose the Path To Independence, How To Be a Freelancer. A ‘traditional’ job is not for anyone, especially in these times when we hear that opportunities to work independently or as a freelancer abound and that flexibility is an increasingly valued benefit. How can I know if it is the path that I should take? What is the best time to become independent? Although we would like a fairy godmother to tell us what we should do, this decision should be made by us and it is important to have a serious reflection on the costs and benefits of launching ourselves into the freelance world.

The first thing we must do is define exactly what service or product we want to offer in order to analyze the opportunities in the market, the potential customers, the competition and the growth prospects of the sector in which we specialize. For some professions such as architecture or nutrition, this exercise is easier, but for some others, such as consulting or sales, it is not clear what service or product is what I intend to sell if I become independent. It is also necessary to identify and get to know your market or your target audience.

Being very clear about what our activity is going to be, the next thing we must do is make a budget, that is, plan our finances to evaluate if we are ready to leave our fortnight and subsist on the adventure, and what are the expectations of profits (realistic, obviously ), that we can obtain. Having savings will always help to choose the path of independence. It goes without saying that the decision to bet on freelancing will always have a dose of risk and uncertainty, so it is difficult to find the perfect moment. Trust your instinct, but be sure to take all the measures at your fingertips to prepare you in the best way.

Another key element is to reflect and work on your personal brand: how to sell yourself, what skills you can highlight, what your strengths are, how you will differentiate yourself from your competitors. You must know yourself and your work perfectly. You must remember that the work will not come only, I have to go out and look for it through different means. Contact all the people you know, do networking, find the most appropriate means to advertise and advertise your products or services. Nowadays social networks are a very useful tool, but you have to know how to use them strategically.

Remember that being independent does not mean being scattered. Carry out a work plan. By working independently, you run the risk of losing time more easily. The discipline will be your best ally. A work plan will help you to have specific goals in the short and medium term. You will have a greater organization and a purpose to fulfill in order not to lose direction.


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