FREE hosting for the FURIOSOS

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ID BOSBos Time! FREE hosting for the FURIOSOS. Welcome to a new chapter of the SEO COURSE! We keep moving forward and I bring you very good news! How would you like to have a high quality FREE hosting to create your project? Well, not? Well, keep reading!

How to choose the best web hosting

Maybe you already know, but in the hosting world there are many interests.

The providers pay very interesting affiliation fees and, as a consequence, there are many people recommending hostings. In this context it is easy for you to have doubts about why they recommend a hosting: why is it good? just for money?

That’s why I wanted to make a totally independent and transparent analysis, based on real data and tests, to help you decide which is the best hosting for your project. Next, I will tell you more about this analysis.

Types of hosting

That said, let’s see the different types of hosting that exist:

Free Hostings with CMS

Examples of this type of free hostings with CMS would be, blogspot, wix, etc.

These hostings are good for testing, but they have the great disadvantage that they have many limitations. They do not allow you to install many plugins, they do not allow you to modify things, they do not allow you to monetize with Adsense, …

In summary: I do not recommend this type of hostings for a serious project that you want to give you money.

Free Hostings without CMS

An example would be bananahosting.

These hostings also have interests, like everyone else. In the end what these providers are looking for is that you stay with them and end up hiring a payment plan and other services. Logical and normal, that’s what a business is for.

The problem with this type of free hostings without CMS is that the service is limited. If you go over traffic, the web falls out. And, many times, the servers are slow because the servers are saturated with many websites.

Logical. They are giving a free service, you can not expect a premium service if you are not paying anything.

Payment Hostings

The payment hostings are, without a doubt, the best choice to host a serious project: you do not have those limitations, they are faster, they have better support, … But, of course, they have one drawback: they are XD payment.

But nothing happens, because this is when I give you the good news that I had promised you at the beginning …

Do you want a quality FREE hosting?

Earlier I told you that we had done a thorough analysis, based on tests and data, of the most popular hostings and the best price on the market.As a result of these tests, we came to the conclusion that SERED was slightly higher.

And what have we done? Well, we have called, we have told them that we are going to send a lot of people and we have asked them what we could do with the affiliation that would correspond to me.

Answer from SERED: give us two months totally free for all Furious.


That is, you will be able to have a paid and quality hosting totally free for two months, enough time for you to take your project off and generate the few euros needed to pay for the third, fourth or fifth month.

For that, you just have to go to the website and use the ROMUTV coupon. How about? XD

free hosting sered

Click on the HOSTING option. You will see all the plans they offer.

choose the best hosting

You will see that the cheapest one costs only 2.95 euros / month.Choose the one you want. And click on BUY

prices hosting

Next, you will have to choose between registering the domain, transferring it or using your own domain. Since I already bought mine, I’ll use the option to use my own domain.

In the annual plans of Sered, you can have a free domain.

Here and what you want.

register domain sered

Next, you will be given the option to include a discount code. This is where you will have to enter romutv.

discount code hosting

When you validate the code, by magic XD, it will indicate that you have to pay … 0.00 euros!

get free hosting

Now you only have to confirm the order, fill in all the information requested and you’re done!

You already have your paid hosting totally free!

Install WordPress in the hosting

Once our hosting is activated, from here we can directly install WordPress with Installatron .

Let’s see it step by step. We access our Client Area.

contract web hosting

And, from there, we go on the menu to the “My Services” section.

hosting services sered

On the next screen, we can see our products and services contracted.

contracted services hosting sered

Click on “Active” and, from there, we will access our CPanel, which is the administration panel of our hosting.

access cPanel hosting sered

Within our CPanel, we look for an application called Installatron.

install installatron application hosting

With this application, we can install many things, but what interests us here is WordPress.

install wordpress with installatron

Click on WordPress and, on the next screen, click on “Install application”.

install wordpress in the hosting

On the next screen, leave everything how it is by default. Later we can change it. Go down and click on “Install”.

Ready! Installation in progress!

install wordpress sered

In just 30 seconds, the installation will be complete. And there you have your WordPress.

wordpress installation in web hosting

Has it been easy and fast or not? We already have our WordPress operative to start putting cane in it.

And that is what we will do in the next chapter: get fully into WordPress.

If you need to go putting your batteries, for now I leave this full tutorial of WordPress .

Having said all this … Personally, I do not care which hosting you choose. Choose the one you want.

What I do not care is that you do not know which one to choose and that is why we have done that study.

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