Guide to Survive Unemployment

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Guide to Survive Unemployment

Guide to Survive Unemployment

idBos.comBoss Time! Guide to Survive Unemployment. Everyone at some point has gone through such a stage. It does not matter if it was because of resignation or dismissal, we all initially took it as a small vacation. The problem comes when more CV’s that you have sent, No more nothing appears. That’s when anxiety and stress begin to make life impossible for us. So that does not happen to you, here we bring you the guide to survive unemployment.

Guide to survive unemployment

While it is good to think about taking a few days before starting in the search for our new job, perhaps up to a week, there are some steps you should follow from the moment you return home with the box that has the things on your desk .

  • Do accounts: How much money do you have? This should include your settlement / settlement, your savings and if you left something of the fortnight. Does that amount equal your monthly salary if you were still working? To the extent that they are your salary equivalents, it will be the maximum time you could allow yourself to be unemployed.
  • Prioritize your budget and cut costs: Temporarily you will not have the same income, therefore you should not have the same lifestyle. So in the first place it should be to reserve a certain amount for the common expenses: water, telephone, electricity, rent, food. Then, the payments of the debts to months without interests of the cards and other types of credits. It also allocates an amount for impressions of CV’s, dry cleaning and transfers. And lastly, if there is some money left over (although it should not), there will be movies, cafes, parties and friends. Nothing of luxury.
  • Create an emergency list: getting into debt in case of unemployment is one of the worst things you can do. If you do not get employment soon, the interests could grow to become stratospheric. So instead of borrowing, better create a list of things that you have that are dispensable and you can sell if you need to. A television, old clothes, some old cell phone. Anything helps. You do not need to sell it from the start, just in case it’s necessary.
  • Use alternatives: in Mexico City there is the government program called “Unemployment Insurance”, check if there is no such thing in your locality. You can also request a partial withdrawal of your savings in your AFORE but this also reduces your quoted weeks, use it wisely.
  • Have a strategy: do not accept the first job that is put in front of you, unless absolutely necessary. Create a CV worthy of the gods of employment, you do not need a graphic designer for it. Dedicate a specific time of the day to search for job offers and send CV’s. Take the opportunity to take an online course to help you update your skills and do not forget the power of your networks and networking such as Facebook or LinkedIn. We also recommend that you read our article with the most common mistakes when looking for work without strategy.
  • If all else fails, reinvent yourself: in a few words, we want to tell you to consider undertaking. Sure you have a great business idea that you’ve always wanted to put into practice. This is the ideal moment! Dare to overcome fear and your comfort zone, in any way, work no longer has it.

With the above, we are sure that you will survive with great success the bitter swallow of unemployment and you will find great opportunities. You can!


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