How is Consumer Behavior in Buying Online Products?

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How is Consumer Behavior in Buying Online Products?

How is Consumer Behavior in Buying Online Products? (image by Pixbay) – How is Consumer Behavior in Buying Online Products? In starting an online business, you should know the behavior of consumers. Why it is so important for you to know? The answer is simple. This is so you need in order to make your online business can compete with other competitors. By understanding consumer behavior, then you will be able to give satisfaction on Your customer.

This is why the customer including the most valuable asset for you. Obviously, without the support of our customer, your online business can not thrive. To that end, knowing the behavior of consumers, the expectation that you can give Your customer satisfaction. That way, your business can grow. Even more than that, the customer will make recommendations to friends and their colleagues. This means that the network and the reach of your business will be more broadly.

If you want to find out how customer buying behavior online, then position yourself as a buyer. That way, then you will find the following important questions:

  • What do I need?
  • How my tastes as a buyer?
  • How do I (the customer) in taking decisions?

Although not all the customers in taking decisions requires the same level of decisions, but making a decision surely there are alternative options. Based on the degree of involvement of the buyer and the difference between different brands, there are four types of purchase behavior.

Complex Buying Behavior

When involved in a purchase, customer is aware there is a difference between different brands. Many consumers will take into account if a product is expensive, including secondary needs, rarely purchased, and risky. Usually the customer does so knowing about the superiority of the product, so it requires a learning process associated with that product. Furthermore, the customer will develop trust, before finally making a choice wise.

Dissonance Reducing Buyer Behavior

This behavior occurs where a customer is involved in a purchase, but do not see much of a difference the brand. Therefore, the customer directly will learn what is already available, and make him take decisions quickly, by purchasing a product.

Habitual Buying Behavior

This behavior is based on customer purchase behavior according to who has the habit of when involved with the purchase of a product. Therefore, the customer is not extensively looking for information about brands, evaluating their characteristics, and in making the decision of not too take a long consideration about the brand that will be bought.

Variety Seeking Buying Behavior

Customer has the behavior of buyers with finding variations when involved in a purchase with many difference brand. To that end, our customer a lot of transition of the brand, but not for the reason of dissatisfaction, but rather because of variations.

Based on the above points, the product before making a purchase, the custumers will tend to understand the information related to the product to be purchased. For it, for those of you who want to start a business online, then you need to know the types of customer information that is used to determine the various brands that are considered to be selected with the criteria used to evaluate a brand. Such considerations include few brands customer know, remember and be accepted. Whereas the criteria to evaluate the product, usually based with consideration see the importance and benefits of a product.

Factors that influence decision making

To better facilitate your customer behavior factors in decisions to buy are grouped into two factors. First, i.e. external factors which include the marketing mix or strategy or marketing and socio-cultural environment. Second, namely the internal factors that put more emphasis on the psychology of the customer. The following is a brief description of the successful summed into the key points:

External factors, which include:

  • Cultural factors: human Creativity Results from generation to generation. This greatly determines customer behavior as a form of community members.
  • Social Class factors: group consisting of a number of people who have a position in society.
  • Group: a group of factors that influence the attitudes, opinions, norms, and behaviors of consumers.
  • Family factor: the smallest unit in the system of society which may affect and determine the decision making in the purchase of a product.
  • The company’s marketing efforts: this is related to the strategy of the company include a brand, quality, service, price, and product benefits. Thus affecting customer buying decision.

Psychological Factors:

  • Experience factor: change in behavior due to previous experience. Customer behavior can be learned through experiential learning. Because, the learning experience will determine the course of action decision of the purchaser.
  • Personality factors: these factors strongly influenced by internal factors.
  • Factors of Attitude and confidence: attitude and confidence is very influential in deciding the purchase of a product, brand, and service. However, customer confidence is related to a brand can be changed via communications persuasive.
  • The concept of the self (Self Concept): namely the need to create something as expected by the consumers.

Do You Still Think That Knowing Consumer Behavior Not Important?

If you want to start an online business, the things above can be the foundation and foundation for you in developing your online business. Because, customers and their behavior to buy is a form of competitive power that determines the intensity of competition and profitability of your online business. Not only that, by knowing the consumer’s behavior, you will more easily design the marketing mix, market segmentation, positioning, enterprise environmental analysis, developing market trends, and developing new products and innovating old products. Everything you need to plan your start up your online business.

Simply put, the customer behavior you must know to understand about what to buy, why, where, when, and how often the customer is buying products from online business. Based on this, a person who started his online business can create a strategy to satisfy or meet customer needs and good needs to communicate and influence customers.


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