how to become a money launderer – How Money Laundering Works with Real Estate – Nerdsplaining Jay-Z The Story of OJ

Welcome to a new video series: Nerdsplaining where I’ll over analyze pop cultural references to personal finance and real estate investing ideas. I figured there is no better piece of personal finance advice in pop culture right now that JayZ’s song The Story of OJ – It is filled with tons of interesting personal finance tidbits and tips and tricks. Please note, like a lot of rap it has adult language.

The first piece of personal finance advice Jay-Z shares is:

‘Please don’t die over the neighborhood, that you’re momma rentin
Take your drug money and buy the neighborhood, that’s how you rinse it’

So let’s dive into money laundering and why, if your a drugking pin like Walter White – you may want to consider laundering your illicit gains through real estate rather than cash businesses.

Obviously this is all done for intellectual purposes. I am not recommending you start a meth cooking empire and funnel the profits from your drug empire through a real estate empire. (Funny thing is a lot of the advice in this video is still valid even if you’re self employed in a legitimate business and pay the proper taxes).

It’s much better to play within in society’s rules – it’s easy enough to succeed if you commit fully to it.

This video is in no way condoning or meant to encourage money laundering, tax evasion or anything else, it is done for entertainment purposes and is in no way tax advice.

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how to become a money launderer

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