How To Become A Online Reseller

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How To Become A Online Reseller

How To Become A Online Reseller (image by Pixbay)

idBOSHow To Become A Online Reseller. For those of you who do not have the much money to the effort, then by becoming a reseller is the right way to start your business. But for those who don’t know how to work the reseller, will certainly be a lot of questions associated with this. How do I become a reseller without capital? Then, what should I prepare to be a reseller online?

It is true that the scheme of the drop shift or the more popular with the reseller is the easiest and fast for you who do not have the capital to build a business. As a reseller, you have become part of the distribution channels over the product belongs to a particular brand. This means you have to really understand about people and products you will sell (product knowledge).

If you are interested in becoming a reseller, here are some things you should understand in advance to find, assess, and capture opportunities that are right for you!

Find the right product

If you want to start a business by becoming a reseller online, the first step you have to do is to determine the types of products you will sell. As already mentioned earlier, it is important for you to know product knowledge. The goal is so that you can more easily explain product benefits and promote it to Your customer.

Take into account and recognize the Competitors

The less Your competitors in running business resellers, then this would be profitable for you. Often, suppliers will not allow too many resellers to sell their products in the same area. This is due to, can start a ‘ price war ‘ and it can be suicide bombing that risked a good name brand from suppliers. For that, you have to know how much Your competitors? How much Your competitors are putting up prices? In addition to these problems, how do you differentiate Your reseller business with Your competitors? For example, by way of offering additional products and services. Or, did you really just competing through price?

Check if Your Reseller Business is really worth Running

The next way to become an online reseller is to check the viability of your reseller business. This means that from the beginning you have calculated it through a temporary calculation. This is to avoid the losses incurred when you actually run this business. For that, here are the questions that can help you identify whether your business by becoming an online reseller is really worth it?

  • How much will you buy products from suppliers?
  • Who will be the buyer of your reseller product? (target market) How many products will you sell?
  • What is the regular shipping cost set by the freight forwarder?

After knowing this, you can use simple calculations to calculate your income. Quite simply, expect the total cost of sales results and reduced by the total cost of your expenses while buying products from suppliers. The results will determine whether by becoming a reseller online will give you an advantage for you.

Start the first step by creating a Website

To begin the initial steps be a reseller online, meaning you have to require a domain and website. For that, you can register to create domains that are conducted quickly through online, and select web hosting that is easy and inexpensive. Or, if you do not want to pay for web hosting, you can select a web hosting that provides a website for free.

Marketing Strategies You Can Try

After doing all four of the above, the next thing to do by online resellers is to focus on applying the right marketing strategy. This can be done in several ways. For example, you can maximize it through social media, Email marketing, or advertising on Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Here is an explanation for each:

1.) take advantage of Social Media for marketing strategy

It is no longer denying that social media is growing and growing very fast. In fact, now the information can be more effective if deployed via social networks than with electronic or print media. If you’re asking how to become a reseller, then there is no effective marketing strategy in addition to social media. To do this, disconnect the first among which one will be used as the target. You should also focus on the selection of appropriate media. As a recommendation, use of social media that have many users as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. After that, specify the content that a lot of interesting and creative as the key to successful marketing through social media. Not just glued to the text, also vary with the content of the video, infographic, pictures, or other things that can attract the customer.

2.) Use Email Marketing

Possible for you that include beginner become a reseller online, email marketing is still new sounds in your ears. The workings of email marketing by leveraging email list for marketing. In short, email marketing is believed to be more effective because of marketing this way can go directly to the inbox of the email the prospective customer. In addition to sending an email, product offerings through email marketing, you can also establish good relationship with the subscriber via email newsletter. You need to understand, this subscriber can only happen if prospective buyers to register himself and fill out the form subscriber on Your website or online store. That’s why, you should offer an interesting and beneficial to the prospective customer so that they are interested in signing up as a subscriber.

3.) became a Publisher Or Advertiser advertising on PPC

Advertise on PPC is a great way in marketing a product. Because, you only pay if your ad in the ad click. For example when you become a publisher, it means that your website be used as a medium for the advertiser (advertiser). And you will be paid by the advertiser if anyone clicking on any advertisements. Conversely, if you are an advertiser, then you only need to pay for advertising to the publisher, if the ad is in a click.

So, What’s the Difference Reseller with Dropship?

Once you know the steps to becoming an online Reseller without the capital and marketing strategy, a new question arises. The question is, are the resellers and dropship the same? Sure, you’ve read the explanation of the drop ship system entitled “Dropship, Easy Way to Start an Online Business Without Capital” in DigitalMarketer.Id article. Then, are you still confused to distinguish between the two?

Actually, if you look them up, between a reseller and dropship almost has the same meaning. That is the people who buy products for resale. Then, what’s the difference? Of course, the difference is in the technique of the delivery of its products. If the reseller, the flow of shipping products will be shipped directly from suppliers to buyers (reseller). Furthermore, if there are orders, reseller sends it back to the customer. Different case with the Dropship, which process the shipment did not stop by the reseller first. Because someone using the system dropship will only purchase products from suppliers if there is an order-from costumer.


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