How To Recognize False Jobs, Watch Out!

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How To Recognize False Jobs, Watch Out!

How To Recognize False Jobs, Watch Out!

idBos.comHow To Recognize False Jobs, Watch Out! Today, false job offers are becoming more frequent, when you start looking for work it is important that you carefully analyze each of the vacancies and know how to recognize false jobs to avoid falling into scams. Among the most common false job offers are:

  • Bank transfers. You receive a fee for accepting a transfer that you must then deposit into another account.
  • I work abroad. These vacancies request an advance for procedural matters, the working conditions they offer are too flexible compared to the labour market.
  • Pyramidal structure. In this type of offers you need to buy a lot of products and then resell them, under this sales structure, you are in charge of looking for customers.
  • Offers in which you will earn super salaries. They are often hoaxes for information or illegal activities.
  • Models for clothing catalog. Even if employment is glamorous, in most cases these jobs are dangerous because they actually have to do with pornographic issues and even trafficking in people.
  • International Courier. These types of jobs are highly risky, usually looking for young people who are happy for travel to deceive them and ask them to carry packages of dubious provenance.

With the publication of these vacancies advertisers intend to obtain some economic benefit or financial information, however, some of the features of these offers will allow you to recognize whether it is a real offer or not, and with this avoid Share personal information. There are some alarm signs that will help you identify false vacancies, among them we can mention:

  • When you are asked for a certain amount of money to continue the selection process.
  • When the economic remuneration is higher than the average offered in the market, in some cases the salary may be double or triple the usual.
  • The vacancy is published through an unreliable source.
  • The vacancy does not provide specific information about the requirements or activities to be developed.

If you identify any characteristic that makes you doubt about the veracity of the offer it is best to discard it and continue your search; It is advisable to develop a strategy to filter those vacancies that are not of your interest or can be false, so you can focus on those vacancies that represent a job opportunity for you.

Here are some tips to take a more effective search:

  • Explore reliable job sites, so your chances of finding real deals will be higher.
  • Discard the job offers you receive in an informal manner.
  • Do not proportion your personal information until you see that it is a real selection process.

Job search can be a complicated process, however, being cautious will prevent you from falling into scams that impair your career, caution is your best weapon to recognize unreliable vacancies.


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