How To Take Advantage of More Work in the Office?

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How To Take Advantage of More Work in the Office?

How To Take Advantage of More Work in the Office?

idBos.comBoss Time! How To Take Advantage of More Work in the Office? Welcome to the competitive world. The moment in which you clung to the description of your position and did your part was over. Many times we believe that we do not have the need to know what others are doing, however, the fact that they assign you more work in the office or ask you to train yourself in what they do in other positions can lead you to develop very valuable skills They will definitely look better on your CV.

To think that you only serve for what they hired you is to close the world to you. If you see this type of learning as a career plan, the skills you have developed throughout this training will be very useful for future jobs or to show your company that you are a person who can learn. For you to cheer up I leave you a list of the skills you could develop in that process:

Teamwork. An important part of the equation is how well you get along with others. Remember that you are new to those tasks, so the most convenient thing is to have the best attitude to be able to absorb everything they are going to teach you. You need to show, in addition, that you can also contribute a lot to the team and that you do not have the minimum intention of taking away their work.

Strategic planning. It is not the same to be a link in the chain, to learn how the whole cycle of work is carried out. This will give you the tables to be able to lead a project from start to finish. You will learn how a project is planned, executed and monitored, which will make you a more valuable element within the company.

Reaction capacity. Security makes us very comfortable. Surely you know perfectly what tasks you touch, how they are solved and when they are delivered. But by having more work and new assignments, you are developing skills to solve problems and manage time efficiently. You may not know the solution for everything, but you will surely acquire more “tables” by having to react to problems that were not yours before.

Be reliable If you have more work, it is because someone has expectations about you. Saying that you will do something and not fulfill it can throw all your work overboard. By acquiring more responsibilities you need to have the ability to remember projects, deliverables and answer emails without anyone reminding you.

Innovate. Organizations need to transform the way things are done, and so are you. By not being vitiated by these new tasks, the opportunity to propose innovative methods is open. It is not about saying that nothing that was done was good, but it is on your court to bring something fresh and intelligent that can serve the organization.

Efficient time management. Before you probably thought that the time reaches you perfectly to perform your tasks. By having more responsibilities and more pressure, you must know how to manage your times and be more productive. You will be dealing with more people, you will learn to use new platforms or programs, so you will have to be orderly and methodical so that everything goes well.

So the next time you are asked if you know how to do something that is outside your responsibilities, I would recommend you leave the “no” behind and complement it with a “I do not know, but I can learn”.


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