HowTo Online Business: 7 Stages to Get Started from the Beginning

HowTo Online Business: 7 Stages to Get Started from the Beginning

HowTo Online Business: 7 Stages to Get Started from the Beginning (Image by Pixabay)

idBos – Are you interested in starting an online business? If Yes, then you must know information related to how to start an online business. Moreover, if you are a beginner. Certainly a lot of questions which You are confused. For that, you need to know how to online business with attention to how to make online starting from online business.

Here are some steps to make your online business grow rapidly with thousands of people doing these several ways:

  • Find a need and fill it
  • Utilizing copywriting for sales
  • Site building websites that give the impression of a well designed it and
  • Using search engines to drive traffic to your site
  • Build a reputation experts for the benefit of your online business
  • Follow up with customer and Subscriber with email
  • Increase sales by way of back-end sales and upselling

The steps above is how online businesses that can make you successful in grabbing more profits. But to start from scratch to online business, it takes persistence and diligence You favor raising the business. Let us refer to the explanation in detail in each of the steps above.

1. Find a need and fill it

Most people who are just starting online businesses often make mistakes. Yes, the first mistake is that they will be sold in advance. Instead, they will target the target market.

To increase the chances of success, start with the market first. The trick is, by finding a group of people who are looking for a solution to solve the problem. But, this is not easy. For that, the internet is becoming the solution in this kind of market research. Here are some things that can help you do your market research:

  • Visit online forums to see the questions to look at a problem and how they break it.
  • Keyword research conducted a survey to find the keywords that many people wanted, but with a low competition.
  • Check out your potential competitors by visiting their site, and identify how they do to fill the request. By studying such things, then you can find the right product, with a target market that already exists. You just have to do it better than Your competitors.

2. Maximize Copywriting for Sales

Copywriting is the process of writing a script or write marketing materials advertising for branding activities. There is a formula that has been proven in the conduct of activities that visitors feel interested in copywriting, and then take action by buying the product (conversion). Here’s how:

  • Generate interest by using the title of interest.
  • Explain that you sell products that can solve the problem.
  • Build your credibility to assure that your product can solve the problem
  • Add testimonials from people who have been using your product.
  • Describe products clearly, so that it can be beneficial to consumers.
  • Make sentences persuasive.
  • Make an emphasis that the product you are selling is very important.
  • Make sure that your product is assured.

It is an online business that you can do to increase Your product sales. Bottom line, you need to focus on how your product or service is unique, so as to solve the problem of the customer and make their lives better.

3. Design and build your Website

Once you have the market, product, and how to start the sales process, then it’s time for you to be ready web designing for your online store. Just remember to put it in simple terms. Once visitors enter your website to the site, then you’ve got less than five seconds to grab his attention. Conversely, if the design of your website less attractive, then visitors will come and go without being concerned about your content on your website. To avoid this, here are some steps that you should take note of:

Select one or two plain font with white background.

Make Your website navigation with clear and simple, and make it the same on every page.

Use graphics, audio, or video to enhance the attraction to website visitors.

Offer an opt-in, so it is useful to increase subscribers. Opt-in itself is a form field that usually appears at the beginning when you open the website.

Your website is the online store so, make it more hospitable to visitors who will be Your customer.

4. Using Search engines to direct visitors to your site

Pay-Per-Click is the easiest way to get traffic to a new site. This has two advantages that make Your website traffic to the site increases. First, the PPC ads appear on pages of your website. Second, the PPC advertising allows you to test different keywords. This is because the PPC ad groups, have 10-20 relevant keywords and intertwined. With both of these, then it will not only increase traffic to your site but will also increase sales conversion products. That way, you can then distribute the keywords on Your website all over the site. So, in this manner, you can help raise the ranking of a website in search engines.

5. Built a reputation Experts for the benefit of your business

Mostly, people use the internet is to search for information purposes. Therefore, if you want your online business to be known by many people, it would be nice if you provide a container online that can educate many people. Thus, you make one more website which contains information about. Maybe you’re wondering, is it important to make this sort of thing? Of course, it is important.

The secret is, by including a link to the online store products in the educational content (soft selling). By doing this, it will increase the amount of traffic and make your site’s ranking rise in the search engines. Here are the points to the importance of:

  • Provide content for free. For example, such as making articles, videos, infographics, and other things that aim for education. Furthermore, disseminate such content through the online article directories or social media.
  • Create menu ‘ send to friend ‘ or ‘ share ‘ to disseminate educational content on Your website.
  • Should be an expert who is active in the online industry forums and social networking sites. Because in the forum, there must have been a very potential target market.

6. Using Email for the marketing tool, change the Visitors So the buyer

When you make an opt-list. So, you have built a most valuable asset for your online business. This is how online businesses is to maximize Your product sales. By filling out the form on the opt-list, it means that the visitor has provided permission to send them email. Meaning:

  • You have to give them something that they’ve asked for.
  • You’re a good relationship for life with them.
  • They will give you a higher response.
  • Email marketing excellence is cheaper and more effective than the print media, TV or radio.

Anyone visiting your site and choose to fill out the opt-in form is a potential visitor. To that end, live how you provide information related to the email you send to subscribers.

7. Increase earnings Through back-end sales and Upselling

One way online businesses that are most important for you to know is, by applying some of the marketing strategies. For example, by using the technique of back-end sales and Upselling. This technique is used, because the 36% of people who never did a purchase transaction product, likely they will make the purchase again if indeed Your good online store service.

Back-end sales of its own products are offered after the first purchase. This offer could be a week or a month after purchase. Normally, the bidding is done via email, SMS or phone. While Upselling is himself, offering additional products to the buyer, the buyer before making payment. This could be you meet when you’re in a mini market when it will pay the groceries at the checkout. To support this technique, there are several ways that you should pay attention so that the customer buy your product again:

  • Offers products that can complement their groceries.
  • Provide electronic coupons can make them interested and spending again.
  • Other products offered on the ‘ thank you ‘ page of the website after the customer made a purchase.

The number of a person who fails in starting an online business is, they do not do the planning with mature. For that, the above points is how online businesses that can help you start from the beginning.


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