Meet the Future Worker

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Meet the Future Worker

Meet the Future Worker

idBos – Meet the Future Worker. No, it’s not an episode of Black Mirror. For our fear, the next thing we are going to tell you is closer to reality, than to fiction. Technology permeates every aspect of our lives, leaving our privacy and antiquity aside. Social networks, computers, videogames, everything learns from us. Soon, even artificial intelligence might want to destroy us. Well, that last one maybe not. Although you never know. That is why, in Professionals, we took on the task of investigating what the future of the job holds for us. We discovered that there is a great demand for occupations that do not yet exist or just start. They are: The Professionals of the Future.

Space pilot

2 days and 3 nights on Mars? With the new space race led by Space X and Elon Musk, it will soon be a reality. Even the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, in the United States, within its career of Aeronautical Sciences, already has this specialty. Ready to handle the Millennium Falcon?


Can you imagine being invaded by microscopic robots that will fight cancer cells and other diseases? The nanomedics will be dedicated to that. Then medical students should be told to add informatics to their curriculum. Let’s just hope that the nanorobots do not want to rise up against us. We have seen Terminator too many times to know how this will end.

Personal Manager Branding

In Professionals we have already given you advice on how to create your Personal Branding in social networks, but soon, there will be professionals who will do it for you Because whenever we have enough money, there will be someone who does everything for us. In fact, it will be something like an image consultant and as necessary as a doctor or lawyer. Ready to shine?

Virtual Reality Designer

The evolution of video games will definitely be Virtual Reality. And as VR technology becomes more affordable for everyone, more stories will be needed to satisfy consumers. So one of the most sought after and highly paid Professionals of the future will be a VR Designer. Ready to immerse yourself in the Matrix?

Data Scientist

This branch of the Professionals of the Future is one of the most available and currently in demand. Big Data in companies needs people who understand the information and design ways of action through it. Therefore, if you are currently a Computer Engineer, Systems Engineer or Programmer, you may already be immersed in this. Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Companies are looking for these Professionals as the last Coca-Cola in the desert!

Body Part Maker

Almost like taken from an episode of Black Mirror (again), this profile is responsible for designing organ or body members as replacements. Like the spare parts of a car, bio-printing in 3D will allow us to design those things that our bodies need. Stomach, liver, heart, kidneys, corneas, arms, legs or fingers Anything! Immortality, there we go!

Digital Lawyer

We had talked before about the necessary adaptation of the lawyers or their possible disappearance. But now, we want to tell you that those jurists who manage to transform themselves will be involved in digital conflicts. Online privacy Intelligent Contracts Electronic frauds and cybercrimes. And as technology advances, there will be more laws to regulate virtual reality, space or organ printing. Curious, is not it? If you are studying Law or have already graduated, you are still in time to adapt!

Digital Archaeologist

Have you ever googled your name? We invite you to do it! You will be surprised how big our footprint in the digital world can be. From our first Hi5 profile to what is known by articles or magazines. Everything is lost in the ocean of the internet, until someone finds it. And sometimes it can be embarrassing what there is about our past. For this, digital archaeologists will be needed; Experts dedicated to finding fingerprints in the digital world and erase them. Did you think it was an Indiana Jones looking for the crystal skull? It may not be so glamorous, but there are always people who pay very well to erase that video in an unfortunate state of drunkenness.

The future brings new opportunities for professionals. And maybe it will come faster than you can imagine. What other Profession of the Future do you think will exist?


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