Note This Step Before You Start Your Online Business!

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Note This Step Before You Start Your Online Business!

Note This Step Before You Start Your Online Business! (image by pixabay)

idBos When looking at a lot of people successfully start a business online, sometimes we like to try their luck. However, many people who eventually retreated to try it. A problem that often occurs when someone wants to start a business this is, how I will later offer a product that will I sell? Moreover, I was someone who was clueless about computers (stuttering technology) with this sort of thing. The statement is at once always questions commonly asked by people who want to start businesses online. The bottom line is one because a person could get used to. For that, you should familiarize yourself with the following information associated with it. Here is information to start your online business.

Tips on Getting a loyal Customer for your online business

Getting traffic to your online store that visitors on the rise is the first step to start your online business. However, you do not rely solely on it. To keep your business growing, then you have to convert your visitors into buyers to your online store, even with the faithful always shopping to your online store. To make it happen, you have to create a customer you are satisfied with your service. Here are some of his tips for you:

  • Offers several ways for a customer to communicate with you, including by email, phone, online forums, and social media.
  • Respond to the customer via email at least within four to eight hours. Whereas through social media, at least you have to respond in two to four hours.
  • Simplify customer to interact with an online store for example, with Your active writing product reviews and commenting on blogs online community.
  • Connected with the customer via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, and invites customers to interact with your product online
  • Attracting customers by giving discounts and exclusive offers for the customer who often make purchases of products.
  • Give customers tips or other information through articles that are innovative. This is done to educate the customer related to the how to use your products and services, so as to save time and make it more productive.
  • Provides several options to the customer related to the method of payment. This is for the sake of making a purchase transaction is made easy.
    Provide free shipping for customers that still one city with you.
  • Ask for advice to customers that have already made a purchase through social media. It can also be input as Your testimonial customer when the customer responds to Your products and services well.
  • Find creative ways to thank the customer for having visited online stores

All You Have To Do Before Creating An Online Shop

To start a business online, surely you must have a website that will offer you use for your online products. Create a website for your business online is not as easy as it looks. You should design Your website in such a way to give you a deep impression on the visitor. It is very important to arouse the curiosity of visitors so that they will find out and at least find out the existing content on your website. In order to make it manifest, then you should pay attention to this before making online stores:

  • Earlier, map layout and structure (dummy) of all pages of the website
  • The dummy is already made must be exactly the same with a Web page that has been created.
  • Every page of the website site entirely can be shown and make sure everything is accessible.
  • Each of the links throughout the site on the website can work properly and in accordance with the page in question.
  • All content, be it graphics, photos, or video can open quickly and have the picture quality is sharp and clean.
  • Make sure the content of the website there are no misspellings and grammatical errors.
  • Please provide clear details on price and description of product or service properly.
  • If the website there is a menu that requires that visitors fill out the registration form, then try not too complicated.
  • Button or link for the top-level make sure works well. This menu is aiming that visitors can return to ‘ home page ‘.
  • If there is an interruption or maintenance, then there is a special notice that spelled out with coding languages (HTML or PHP).
  • Selection of payment service can work properly.
  • All functions such as e-commerce related to the shopping cart, shipping options, etc. work fine.
  • A variety of logo or icon like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social networks are placed in strategic positions. This is in order to make it easy for visitors to see and access it.
  • The site has been tested for browser compatibility and screen resolution.
  • The site can be displayed well in a mobile format.
  • Contact information using the email address and telephone number clearly and easy to remember.
  • Privacy, shipping, returns, and other usage policies using the language or structure that is easy to understand, and accessible.

Maximize your product sales with Social Media

Who’s who in this era don’t use social media? Yes, social media now seems to have become a necessity for many people. It is an opportunity that you must take advantage of starting an online business and expand your network. With the help of social media, you can easily and cost cheap to promote your product. Here are some quick tips for using some of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest to help maximize Your product sales:

1. Facebook

  • MFP SIPembuat business page with Fanpage on Facebook. From there, you can post a special offer (at least once a month).
  • Ask the customer to share your pictures on your Facebook page using their favorite products, and stressed that they purchase through the website
  • Reduce the workload and expand your marketing efforts on Facebook. Start a business by leveraging Facebook could allow the customer can follow the latest notifications related to posting-an that you do.

2. Twitter

  • Use Twitter to provide an interesting tweet about your business or your products, and gave him a link to the website
  • Send short tips through tweets related to the use of Your services or products.
  • Follow customers and vendors that can significantly affect both in your business.
  • Provide promotional offer via Twitter is an inexpensive way to disseminate information with the retweet.

3. Youtube

  • Create a YouTube channel for online business on a regular basis, add videos that are informative and entertaining. Then, push the customer in order to want to see and share your videos with others.
  • Make the event video competition: ask the customer to make a video with a short duration on how to use your product or service, and submit it to YouTube. For the winner, based on favorite video results from customer choice
  • Each week, posting videos with short duration (maximum two hours) that offers tips or tutorials to the customer such as a tutorial how to use the product properly.
  • Ask the customer to send us video testimonials and post their video on YoutTube channel you.

4. Pinterest

  • Set profile Pinterest to your business needs by creating one or more Pinterest board with a theme or your products to the needs of the business.
  • Add the ‘ Pin ‘ to the site pages on your website, so that visitors to your website get a pin, or send, product images from your website to Pinterest.
  • When doing Pin pictures on Pinterest board, next add the short text description to provide additional information.
  • The video for the pinboard, however, to take advantage of this in Pinterset underutilized, because it would be a lot of content and pins appearing simultaneously.

5. Google +

  • Google+ private profiles, create circles for customers, vendors, and other people to be interested in your brand.
  • Posting content that appeals to your customers, so they will be compelled to comment and provide feedback. This content you can take from your Blog, in the form of articles, product reviews, or information about special promotional offers, or other things that can attract visitors to read.
  • Start using ‘Hangout’ feature. Use Hangouts On Air, multi-user chat, and video, as well as other menus on Google+. This is to create short videos that can be viewed in real-time or saved on your YouTube channel. For example, discuss a new product or service, with a chat with the customer, which you can later use as
  • Get started with a Google+ profile for your business. Get started by using Google+ with issues that are still related to your business. By frequently posting information on issues that are common in the community, it will add to your followers on Google+.

How easy is it not to start an online business? With the above information, you will be able to pioneer an online business without spending much capital, but has a large turnover.



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