Online Business Learning: The Best Business Models

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Online Business Learning: The Best Business Models

Online Business Learning: The Best Business Models (image by Pixbay)

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idBosOnline Business Learning: The Best Business Models. Though the online business is a promising opportunities for us, but you cannot belies that this business has been considered by millions of people. That means, the more competitors and also increasingly tight competition anyway. So, what should you do to deal with it? Way, namely by giving an element of distinction and originality against your online business. As a strategy to run it, you must learn the online business by knowing in advance models.

What is the importance of studying online business model? Is certainly very important. The allusion, when you build a House, then arguably online business model is the pillars that keep your home remains standing. Same is the case with online business, by learning to know the business online model, then you will be knowing the ideal that you use as the basis for forming or do business online.

Here are some online business models that you know!:

  • Broker: Is someone who refers to the task of uniting buyers and sellers, as well as facilitates the transaction process. Model income mainly from cost per cent per transaction that occurs.
  • Advertising: website advertising Model is an extension of traditional media broadcast model. Where the broadcaster, in the case of this is the site the website, provide the content (usually, not always free) and services (service, such as: email, block, etc.) combined with an ad that is located in the banners. This model can only run when traffic from websites broadcaster.
  • Infomediary: Data collected independently and contains information about the products from manufacturers that are useful to consumers when considering a purchase. Some companies serve as infomediaries to petrified seller or buyer for recognizing the market.
  • Merchant: is a provider of goods either by wholesale or retail. The sale price could be through there as well as at auction.
  • Manufacturer: Manufacturer, also known as the direct model that is based on the strength of the website to allow manufacturers (a company that produces goods or services) attract buyers directly, so that its products can be distributed.
  • Affiliate: Affiliate business so this is a great website traffic into high. Here’s how: with a market other people’s products and instead, You will get a Commission from the sale of these products. The way it works is, by signing up to an affiliate program. Next, you need to promote your affiliate links.
  • Community: the existence of the online business model this one relies heavily on the loyalty of its users. Users have high attachment with the issue of time and emotion. The acquisition of profits based on sales of additional products and services or voluntary donations. For example, as well as contextual advertising and a subscription to the premium service.
  • Subscription: with this model, users will be charged daily, monthly, yearly periodically because has agreed to do the subscription service.
  • Manufacturer: On the business model of companies brick and mortal, which already had its own industrial base, they make websites for several purposes, namely to shorten the chain of distribution of products with access directly to users, improving the service to customers as well as knowing customers ‘ needs directly.
  • Utility: Users pay based on bits of information that are accessible.

What is the Business Model that is often widely used?

After learning the business models online, now that You know is, which of the online business models on top of the widely used? This as a strategy to build your online business more successful. To make it happen, you need to have a business plan in which aim to drive your business in order to be clear and well focused. Because, most of those who failed to build an online business doesn’t do well planning. To that end, starting from now, surely you already had an idea. You want to do Your business concepts like later? More details, here are some models that you use as a medium to develop online business rapidly.

eCommerce or Online store

This is the ecommerce model is the right medium to build an online business. By establishing an online business model online store, then you will be able to more quickly deliver earnings and relatively easy to do as long as you have the proper marketing strategies. Just look at how many online stores that exist in Indonesia. Dozens, even hundreds of these businesses has mushroomed and well developed.

Starting from the individual business to those who already have the legality of the effort. For those who want to learn how a business online, then you can try this model. Why is this so? This is because, by using the model of online stores, so you don’t need a special skill. You are only required to create your own online store.

Display Ad

If you choose this model for media to your business, then you must have a website or blog that has a fair amount of traffic. The business model by using media advertising can only be moved if you have a fair amount of traffic per day. With the traffic, then you can make your website publisher for those who want to put an ad (the advertiser). This means that you will get a profit based on advertising that you have fit on the website.

Content Creation

If you are using this model to your online business, then this will place binis model messages that are advertising sponsors and delivered with more refined through content – good content presented through writing, info graphics, or audio content other Visual. Many options that you can do if you’re using this model. For example, you can select content such as sponsored post, video based content, newsletters, and content marketing.


If you want this model to run a business online, then it will take a lot of time at the beginning, but have long-term opportunities. By selecting the marketplace as a model for media running your online business, surely this is flexible. This is because, in addition to bring together the two sides between seller and buyer, you can also offer several ways to generate income with online advertising, pay per fee system to sell, or membership free.

Whether traffic is the sole determinant for developing your online business?

From some of the online business model, most rely on the quantity of traffic as a support. Of course, for those of you just learning online business, it is very difficult to get traffic quickly. However, you do not need to worry about with this. You can drive your online business to a Niche Market. What is a Niche Market? Yes, niche market according to Wikipedia is a product or service that is devoted to satisfying specific market.

This approach was intended to market competition is getting smaller. This is the reason why many advertisers willing to reach into his budget for the online media that has not been long standing and has not had a lot of traffic. Correct. The answer lies in the selection of market segments that are far more narrow, niche market. Examples of online media that use the Niche Market approach. More details, this Niche Market will be discussed in subsequent articles.

How? After you learn the online business by knowing online business models above, have you found the right model? Plan properly, because the initial planning and precise calculations will make your online business is evolving rapidly.


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