Optimize Your Work With Coworking

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Optimize Your Work With Coworking

Optimize Your Work With Coworking

idBos.comBoss Time! Optimize Your Work With Coworking. Coworking is changing the way of working, it is a space where different professionals coexist and develop their projects independently. This model is not limited to the fact of sharing office, it is about creating communities that break the isolation where individuals are willing to exchange ideas, projects and knowledge.

The spaces of coworking are revolutionizing the way of interacting in the work, foments the relations between professionals of different sectors that can end in commercial relations. The space managers are in charge of energizing and ensuring the healthy coexistence of the members of the community. Among the advantages of coworking are:

  • Flexibility of use. Coworking spaces offer different plans depending on your needs, the hours you need to work and the period of time you will occupy the place.
  • Good working environment. They offer a professional workplace that has everything you need to develop your activities.
  • Encourage professional relationships. Coworking can help you increase your networks of contacts, sometimes boosting new projects with other coworkers.
  • It helps to establish more flexible work schedules. This helps to reconcile professional and personal life.

On the other hand, these spaces must be governed by a series of rules of coexistence that stimulate an adequate working environment for the community, generating functional work spaces is the responsibility of all members, for coworking to be effective it is necessary to consider the following:

  • The figure of the space manager must act as a link between coworkers.
  • Guarantee freedom of access.
  • Have common areas that facilitate communication and interaction between coworkers.
  • Modalities of payment focused on the needs of coworkers.
  • Promote initiatives that bring dynamism to the community and stimulate coexistence.
  • Speed ​​when executing improvements.

If your plans are to work under this modality, we give you the following recommendations to evaluate if coworking is for you:

  • Compare different places, payment methods and contracts they offer.
  • Take a few days of testing to know the work environment.
  • Talk with other users about their experience in these spaces.

Despite its great benefits coworking is not made for everyone, most users are self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs, the difference between this modality and work from home is the possibility of interacting with other professionals.


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