SEO TIPS: SEO IMAGE Optimization On Image Search

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SEO TIPS: SEO IMAGE Optimization On Image Search

SEO TIPS: SEO IMAGE Optimization On Image Search

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idBosSEO TIPS: SEO IMAGE Optimization On Image Search. SEO is a science that is very important in internet marketing, with SEO master you can conquer search engine to redirect its search results on specific keyword to Your website or online store.

SEO is indeed very closely related about link building, SEO On Page such as the creation of quality content and apply rules of SEO, SERP results Yes on your Website will appear on the first page of google.

Yet many people seem to forget against other sources i.e. SEO Image. Do you ever feel when looking for a certain keyword appears a row of pictures like this?

Not only on the website or search it turns out there are a lot of other people who are indeed looking for the image and not the image content on google search.

It is no coincidence the pictures above the top ranks on the scroll keyword, but is also required on the image optimization techniques that will certainly increase your traffic as well.

Then how do I SEO optimization Image so that the image on your website is the best search on google image??

in the following we will give some tips Basic SEO Image

SEO IMAGE TIPS #1: Relevant Images

Did You Know? SEO Image is not solely to improve image search results on your articles on google alone, but also as a thing that can add interesting articles.

Use images that match the essence of your article. You can get various images on Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest – and various websites that provide various images, but keep in mind whether the image is copyrighted or not. then note first whether the image can be used on re-upload on your website or not.

SEO IMAGE TIPS #2: The File name is in the form of Keyword

Tips SEO optimization in the second image is a good idea to use a file name keyowrd you will upload to your website and placed on an article you have.

Change the file name can help SEO image optimization results, because the image search results by google, the first is the name of the image. So there should be a file name Fox keywords that describe the content of your article.

SEO IMAGE TIPS #3: Alternate Text

Did you know the meaning of alt text? ALT text or other names: Image alt text, alt tags, alternative text is a text that describes the picture what is listed in your article. Image title is additional information provided on an image that supports our posting title, Image title will arise in the form of the title if we hover over image.

Google apparently can’t see the picture of what is on your website, therefore please help google to identify a picture of you and your Googlepun will help your image appear on its search pages.


Basically SEO Image is a technique that can simplify google to “interpret” what image is on your website. Google likes websites that are easily searchable by robots.

So from now on do not forget this SEO image factor and apply some of the above tips to optimize SEO IMAGE, hopefully by reading SEO articles from blog this can help your website more optimal on search engine.


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