Successful Business With Minimal Capital

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Successful Business With Minimal Capital

Successful Business With Minimal Capital (image from Pixabay)

idBos Many people are trapped in the flow of his life.

Some of them once planned to become business people.

But as time went on, plan to stay plan.

Unwittingly they have entered the world of work as office workers.

Did you know, there are 3 problems that make them swerved from the original plan as a businessman into office workers.

This problem:

  • Do not know what business opportunities are more profitable and more stable/secure than office work.
  • There is no capital or only a small capital.
  • Work and have a family.

However, any problems that arise there is definitely a solution.

If you’re in any of the above issues, it’s worth reading this article to the end.

Because this time, it will reveal online business opportunities that will not take up your time.

For capital, just calm down. With a small capital, you can try the following business opportunities.

Sell products on your own Website

Sell products on your own Website (Image by Pixabay)

1. Sell products on your own Website

The practical and easy way can be done by anyone.

Not to worry, a layperson whoever uses the internet can practice it.

After you create your own online store, it’s time to do the input as well as stock items for sale.

But wait.

After creating your own online store, it’s time to input and stock items to be sold.

But wait.

If you do not have a shadow of what product to sell, we recommend starting at

  • Define the product
  • Find the main supplier
  • Cooperation with people selling similar items
  • Dropship

2. Sell Through Marketplace

Compared to making your own website and online store, the marketplace is a shortcut for those of you who don’t want to damn and want to directly sell products.

Many of the marketplace that provides a place for free without any charge.

The only disadvantage is the platform as online service providers join the responsible for the activities of the transactions carried out.

If there is a transaction from a buyer to a seller, the money is transferred the buyer account will go to the site beforehand.

For beginners no problem to use the marketplace as a place to sell and look for a customer.

But remember, there may be forever will rely on the marketplace to sell your product instead?

When you’ve been thinking it’s time for independent, all you have to do is tell the customer to switch to visit your own website.

3. Become a Dropshipper

On the drop shipper, its system is if there is order you just need to tell it to the supplier. Then party supplier that will pick up and deliver the product to your customer on your behalf.

Become a Dropshipper does not mean free of risk.

There are weaknesses in the dropship:

  • The advantage of smaller
  • Could not monitor the stock supplier
  • The quality of the goods is unknown

But there are benefits:

  • Minimal capital to start
  • It didn’t take stock
  • Can be done from anywhere
Become Publisher at Google Adsense

Become Publisher at Google Adsense

4. Publisher Ads to get a Semi-Passive Income

Who doesn’t love everything that is called free? Never mind that it’s free is useful information.

A lot of people who wrote on the blog and share openly.

What’s in it for them?

It turns out that in addition to writing and sharing your insight to the people, the authors on this blog gets income from the ads plastered on their blog.

Easy stride.

Create a website-> display ad code-> ads appear automatically-> click visitors in advertising-> get commissions.

Just did copy-paste ads and ads will appear automatically. Every possible click, it will be earning.

You need to do is simply:

Pay attention to the quality of the generated content Fishing others that visit the website and read its content

5. Affiliate

Affiliate and dropshipping is similar to but not the same.

The difference is in the affiliate, you simply promote. Do not sell.

Customer will be directly in touch with the seller, not you.

If you want to try business opportunities on this one, You need a website as a medium for promoting affiliate.

In Indonesia, to date, there has been no affiliate that can provide a steady income.

This is due to poor quality of existing products. As well as purchasing power Indonesia is smaller.

But affiliate also has its advantages.

Commission per click advertising is much smaller than the Commission on product sales.

So with the same number of visitors, you can earn more with affiliate business model.

6. Create and sell information products

The form of information for sale can be a book, ebook, video, or audio.

For example, eBooks how to become an expert copywriter. Or a video on the steps of building a business.

Product information far more easily made than the physical product.

You are not experienced at all can make.

There are 2 reasons why people want to spend money to acquire product information:

Fill in the information more deeply than the article on the blog. The guide is more structured.

Become a teacher with Open Coursework Online (Online Course)

Become a teacher with Open Coursework Online (Online Course) (Image by Pixabay

7. Become a teacher with Open Coursework Online

For beginners, to try these opportunities You can teach things that are new and have not been known to many people.

Or if you have certain skills, it would be much better.

Because of the skill, you would strongly support opportunities.

Almost similar to sell information.

However, because of the shape of the course, then guide you provided is divided into several sessions given on different days.

Once a week, for example.

Furthermore, in online courses, there is usually a question and answer session.

8. Provide graphic design Services

Has skill in terms of graphic design?

It is unfortunate if your skills are not used.

As a provider of graphic design job opportunities become endless.

You can get clients from abroad.

No need to worry for beginners, because it is practical and easy to run.

9. sell Stock graphic design

Not being peddled services? Sell the stock design is also becoming a profitable opportunity.

Typically the template being sold is customizable and ready to use.

For example template Photoshop or Illustrator, presentation templates, logo templates, or icon.

Sell the Plugin and WordPress Templates at Themeforest

Sell the Plugin and WordPress Templates at Themeforest

10. Sell the Plugin and WordPress Templates

It turns out that WordPress plugins and templates for free do not give satisfaction to some people.

This is a great opportunity that you can take as a seller of plugins and templates.

11. Be a Freelance article writer and Copywriter

Not everyone is able to make quality articles.

In this opportunity, the aada 2 levels in the field of the author of the article.

The basic level. they are just catching up numbers of particular words.

This is because they are paid every few hundred words.

Then there is the professional level article writer.

They write articles for a great website and news portals. They paid on quality.

While the copywriter, they have the purpose of influencing others through writing.

The job of a copywriter is:

  • Go and Write text in an ad
  • Write text on the landing page or the sales page
  • Go and Write all the text that aims to woo others
  • They are salesmen, in the form of words.

12. The creation of articles and content

Content marketing is the best online marketing methods, they are not doing this method because there is no time or can’t afford.

Those who do not use content marketing is actually like to try. But there is no time and human resources.

Then the business opportunity as a maker of content is still wide open.

You can facilitate their efforts.

13. Write and Create Ebooks

Anyone can create and publish an ebook.

Building on the original writings you can make a simple ebook that can be distributed via email or social networks.

Make eBooks simple it’s easy to do.

You only write material in Microsoft word or powerpoint. When finished and save the data, the next step is to change the file format into a PDF form.

For ebook covers, you can process according to the desires of the self.

14. Training or Consulting

If you already have a blog that is known to many internet users, this can bring in profit.

You can sell your services in the form of individual consultation or training.

Direct consultation, let alone private, is the kind of service that is capable of earning the highest for each session.

15. Web Designer and Webhosting

You can also earn above average by being a professional web developer

But you don’t always have to start from the project which is great.

16. The service provider Software

The business model of SaaS (Software as a Service) is one of the most developed at this time.

The software is a SaaS-based web where users generally pay a subscription model with/subscription.

Slack is one example of a startup that is currently the fastest development.

Values in the year 2015 reached $ 2.8 trillion, whereas newly launched officially in the year 2014.

You who have skills programming could make its own software and then selling it as a product or service.

17. Make a Mobile application

It’s not just the desktop, a SaaS business model gives you the opportunity to create mobile applications.

More and more people who need the entertainment to fill their spare time, the more interest in gaming applications that are downloaded.

Those of you who do not have programming skills can also make the games or on a small mobile application.

How to buy the template/source code of an application.

We replace only the text and the design.

This process is called reskinning.

18. SEO services

One of the factors the success of the online business is traffic and one of the ways of getting traffic is from search engines.

This is where a great opportunity awaits.

In order to get traffic from the search engines, their website should be fully optimized.

Because of the rapidly growing online business and business people do not have to learn SEO, SEO service provider then be sorely needed.

The following is supposedly provided by SEO services are:

  • Research keywords and competitors
  • Optimization of the structure of the website
  • Perform monitor backlink
  • Seek their penalty from Google
  • Analysis of data from Google Analytics

Recommended if you want to try this business opportunity, you have enough experience.

19. Social Media Marketing and Management

Same with SEO, it is a rare that social media marketing services professionals.

Many consider a job as social media marketers is an easy thing, but the opposite.

Certainly, it demands great responsibility.

What does a social media marketer?

  • Build brand awareness
  • Create and share content
  • Interact with your fans/follower
  • Increase traffic to your website through social media

20. Marketing Management with Digital Ads

This emerging business opportunity, where most people are facing problems in loading the advertising products through traditional means.

Is traditional advertising is through radio and tv.

Costs incurred by the businesses of small to medium size business class if the advertising is traditionally not a bit.

Seeing the situation, please go to digital advertising. It goes beyond traditional advertising.

You have to set up your ad text, images, and / or videos in making online advertising.

In addition to maximizing the performance you should also do a variety of testing and data processing.

So there are 3 functions you need to prepare:

  • Copwriter
  • Graphic designer
  • The data scientist

21. Change the Offline Services Became Online

Services or services that have nothing to do with the internet can now be integrated with the internet.

Many of the services that you can switch its original offline being online.

You just need to be careful to see what kind of services would like to develop.

22. T-shirts Selling (design)

Who would have thought to sell t-shirt design turned out to be a huge advantage produce?

You just need to make a t-shirt design that attracts and follows the trends that exist in the community.

Not only that.

You do not need to be struggled to think of order or delivery.

If you have a friend or acquaintance who is engaged in the business of printing t-shirts, bring their work together.

Become a Youtuber

Become a Youtuber (image by YouTube)

23. YouTuber

Do you like accessing YouTube? And every video you play is an intermezzo in the form of an ad?

You need to know, there are 2 types of ads on YouTube:

  • Who earn commissions on each click
  • Who earn a commission every time

From this ad, YouTube takes 45% and the rest is given to the video owner.

If you can make a video, it will be a great opportunity to earn an amazing income.

Some of the most popular types of YouTube videos that are easy to make are usually funny videos, tutorial video recording, or tutorial recording on a computer screen.

The main issue of people trying to earn from YouTube is copyright.

For info, now YouTube is getting tighter for every video you upload.

The central system can detect copyrighted songs. When you insert a song into a homemade video without copyright permission, the automatic song in the video will be blocked.

You should also not upload which may cause problems.

For example other people’s work, TV recording, music, and so on.

Which Opportunity Matches?

Opening an online business that can be done without having to spend much capital.

The minimal capital can be great when used as well as possible.

Then now what is your decision? Does it still bury the dream of being a businessperson? Or realized? All decisions are on yourself.

When do you decide to start doing business, which of the opportunities above best suits you?


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