What Kind of Entrepreneur are You or Could You Be?

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What Kind of Entrepreneur are You or Could You Be

What Kind of Entrepreneur are You or Could You Be

idbos.comBoss Time! What Kind of Entrepreneur are You or Could You Be? Would you like to know more about yourself, your potential to develop with your drive or if you are good at being your own boss? We invite you to answer this test and find out if you have wood as an entrepreneur, what kind of entrepreneur you are and how you can maximize your skills. We assure you that you will be surprised.

1. You will go on to expose the front of the group, usually you …

a) You feel very confident about your ability to speak, you are very convincing.
b) You feel confident, you studied, you prepared your subject, you have taken all the necessary forecasts.
c) You think that the exhibition is a great opportunity for everything: to obtain a good grade, to practice, so that the person you like will notice you.
d) You feel inspired, you give a social touch to the exhibition.

2. On the first day at school a teacher asks you to make a proposal so that the group knows each other, you …

a) Immediately arms groups of colleagues to chat with everyone, to propose you have to know.
b) You think about a party: you make a list of everything that is going to be needed, you identify pros and cons of the place where it will take place.
c) You would propose a kermes: money and fun in the same point.
d) You think you could do a collection for a good cause.

3. Given the possibility of having a party, normally what role do you assume?

a) I am the one who organizes and assigns what each one should do.
b) I am “Manos a la obra” I start to develop everything that will be needed to have fun.
c) I take care of the music, it’s my chance to be a DJ and listen to what I like all the party.
d) I make sure everyone has a good time.

4. Everything is ready for a school trip but your parents do not give you permission to go, usually you …

a) You leave, it is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission.
b) You trust in yourself, your capacity for persuasion does not even have Obama.
c) You will not miss this opportunity, you will exhaust all your resources: from washing the dishes for a month until the tantrum.
d) You tell them that you will take advantage of the trip to distribute food to whoever you are on the road and need it.

5. From the following list, for you, what is the best project?

a) Any project is good, the important thing is to have it and start it.
b) The one that can develop better.
c) The one that leaves me more money.
d) The one who leaves me money and leaves money or benefits to others.

6. With which of the following phrases do you identify yourself most?

a) He who does not risk does not win
b) He who perseveres reaches
c) If I see an opportunity I hug her and if I do not see her, I believe her
d) There is no good that delights us if we do not share it

7. Suppose you have a large and substantial amount. They are in a bank and offer you the following options. Which one would you choose?

a) High risk investment. A lot of risk, but if everything goes well, the profits are greater; If the investment goes wrong, say goodbye to your money.
b) Plan Do it yourself. They offer you a personalized scheme, but you have the responsibility to design your own investment and savings plan.
c) Plan Now or never. There is a plan that sounds very attractive, but they have not tried it, you would be the first.
d) For me-for you. Each time you use the bank card, you allocate a percentage to a foundation of your choice.

8. For the following questions, think that in your Social Sciences class you should start a business. First, who would you like to be?

a) The director.
b) Who develops or executes the projects.
c) The person in charge of linking with companies or suppliers.
d) The person in charge of dealing with employees.

9. Discussing the nature of the company, your argument after several hours of discussion would be …

a) Put it now, whatever it is, but you have to start.
b) Make a plan and develop it.
c) Put a company that takes advantage of the needs of the moment.
d) It must be a socially responsible company.

10. You think that the best company is the one that …

a) It allows you to dedicate yourself to other tasks.
b) It allows you to develop other projects.
c) It gives you more profits.
d) The one that allows you to live from it and that others benefit from it.

Your Result

Majority A: Pure Blood Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is in your DNA. You have the characteristics of an entrepreneur, a leader, you like to organize, distribute activities and relate with everyone, every person you know is a collaborator or potential client. You like to take risks.

TIP: Although taking risks is part of your nature, remember that evaluating, planning and calculating risks are fundamental to success.

Skill you can develop: Planning

Majority B: Entrepreneur Action or Hands-On

You like to execute the plans you bring in mind. You know that it’s not just about having an idea but about developing it. Evaluaas the pros and cons of the situations that are presented to you to carry out a plan.

TIP: Integrate others into your plans, collaboration is essential in any project.

Skill to develop: Team work

Majority C: Entrepreneur I hold them in the air

You are a hunter of opportunities and if these do not arise, you look for them and jump over them. Your potential is infinite because you would turn any event into a potential business and the more profit the better.

TIP: It is as important to identify and take advantage of opportunities as to follow up and set goals.

Ability to develop: Search for information

Majority D: Social Entrepreneur

You have a commitment to the world around you. For you, to do your bit and contribute for the good of a group, community, help the needy is fundamental. The social entrepreneur follows his convictions and offers solutions.

TIP: Dream of helping, objectivity to work.

Ability to develop: Innovation and financial planning

Source: PuTwo – What Kind of Entrepreneur are You or Could You Be?


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