Why You Need To Create An Online Store?

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Why You Need To Create An Online Store?

Why You Need To Create An Online Store?

idBosWhy You Need To Create An Online Store? With the advancement of internet technology, is currently buying items through the online store on the internet already is not a new thing. Various convenience is offered when you buy items through the online store. With only with a computer or smartphone, one can search for the desired goods, and buy it with instant.

As someone who can see the opportunity, then we must look at it from the opposite direction. That is when a trend moving towards to online shopping, then we can use it to earn extra income through the internet. More and more people have access to the internet, the greater business opportunities that we can do through the internet.

The question is, why should create an online store?

Cheap. Create online stores tend to require a small fee when compared to if you need to open a store in the mall. In addition to the cost of opening a store, you still have to rent an SPG which keeps your store during the store is open.

With the online store, order system could be helped by technology, so that the customer can shop without the presence of the SPG should exist.

24/7. Open to consumers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online stores never close.

Can be accessed from anywhere, the potential customer is much more extensive. As long as there is an internet connection, the customer can pay a visit to your online store.

Pre & Post Sales. You can create a system to educate consumers about your products before they buy, and provide support or ask for a testimonial after they buy.

Very easy to bring customer compared to the offline store. With a particular strategy, you can easily bring the customer to your online store continuously.

And if it turns out that the customer liked shopping at your place, then you can increase the budget from advertising on your system to bring in the customers a lot more.

No need to have the goods. With an offline store, you must have the stock that much so people who come to the store you can select the desired product. If your store is empty, then the people will not be interested to come. While in the online store, you can use the system dropship, where you don’t have the goods, and only show the photo of the product.

If the customer ordered, then could you do the order to the supplier, and the supplier sends the ordered product directly to Your customer.

Furthermore, with a variety of convenience store online, the biggest question that arises is I have to sell the goods?


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